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"Craziness is not keeping a dark secret, it's when you ever tell a lie and enjoy it, or wish to be a child forever" quoted from my favourite movie : "Girl Interrupted". Why not look at it this way, maybe Craziness is a way of seeing life and understanding people more clearly and positively, you see their personality floating up their faces and say anything that occurs to you, Why? maybe because you're the crazy one, maybe craziness is taking simple things to be more complicated and taking complicated things simpler. Perhaps craziness is a blessing from God to make life easier or a curse that you're destined to live with the rest of your life. If insane people are who hurt themselves and cut their veins, what name should we be called, predatorsEven when mad people kill, they don't really know what they're doing, but when the so called "normal" people kill, they have their reasons and know exactly what they're doing and why they're doing it, for fun, money, or maybe for holding a grudg e and needing to revenge, for humiliation, lust, for turturing and sometimes for being tired of life. From my point of view they're the ones who should be called "crazy"...Because the so called "normal people" come to a point where they turn into animals and on the contrary, the insane ones turn to something we can't understand and may never will with our complicated mind, or maybe..simple mindWhat is the logical explanation for madness?doing something leading to embarassment or doing something that the majority can't handle or don't agree with? Who put that rulesane people? us? what proof can u get for our sanity but the theory that we invented?Being too optimistic, too enthusiastic, too depressed for the rest of the people is not being crazy, and being sane doesn't prove you really are!!!All intelligent poeple are considered crazy because they crossed the limit in some field the majority couldn't cross,so intelligent people can't be normal which proves that being insane is going i ntelligent and abnormal to the rest of the people, to what we call normal people.."Craziness is not being broken or swallowed in a dark secret it's you and me being amplified"...

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Cjhs400 R1 Individual Case Studies Essay - 1085 Words

University of Phoenix Material Individual Case Studies Case One: Violet Violet is a 20-year-old woman with a history of difficult relationships. She was in foster care from 12 to 18 years old. She attended a career college and is employed as a dental assistant. This is her first real job. She was referred to you after a patient at her dental office had a stalking complaint. She apparently began dating a young man (John) after meeting him at the dentist’s office. When she arrives for her appointment with you, she is dressed provocatively in a low-cut blouse and tight pants. She has heavy eye makeup on and seems to be very needy, becoming tearful several times during the session. At the start of the interview, she states that this†¦show more content†¦They met for dinner, and she ended up going to his apartment where they had sex. She reports that they saw each other every day for about 3 weeks, which often ended in sex. She states that he said he needed more space and asked that they not see each other any more. She then reported trying to get him back and calling him up to 20 times a day. He asked for a restraining order and phoned the dentist’s office asking for a referral to another dentist—he no longer felt comfortable coming into that office. Violet has had five other restraining orders in the past. Case Two: Max You are completing your graduate work at a local university by participating in an internship at a private mental health clinic. As a part of your internship, you were asked to cofacilitate a group for men and women with relationship difficulties. While cofacilitating the group, you meet Max, who was court ordered to participate as a result of allegations of assault. After a careful review, you find that he has six past charges of assault. Max is an attractive man in his mid-thirties. He is charming with both the males and female in the group. Although it is clear that he does not feel he should be in the group, you find that he adds dimension to it. After some time, Max discloses that he has been involved in multiple sexual relationships and says he â€Å"can get in any woman’s pants.† He also brags that he is smarter than anyone in the group, regardless of the fact that one person has a PhD in

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Cloning Persuasive Essay - 1549 Words

What was once thought to be the content of fiction novels and comic books is now being fully explored and realized in the cutting edge world of modern science. Scientists now possess the necessary capabilities and technology to make the process of human cloning a reality. While this is a controversial and rather sensitive topic, cloning is an innovative practice that has the potential to vastly improve the lives of unlimited amounts of people. Although cloning may prove to be a useful remedy for many of today’s issues, there are those in the scientific and medical fields who remain vehemently opposed to its practice. It is for this reason that lawmakers, scientists, and doctors around the world are currently locked in a fierce standoff†¦show more content†¦Individuals who are afflicted by these diseases die, often within their first four years of life. There is no viable reason why children should not have the chance to lead full and happy lives, with the help of clon ing technology that reality could be achieved. Those opposed to the practice of human cloning argue that it is unnatural to create a living being for the sole purpose of study and science. This is really not the case at all; while some may be asked to participate in experiments for the betterment of humanity they are not painful or impractical procedures and will only involve taking DNA samples with little or no inconvenience inflicted upon the subject. Besides occasional testing, cloned humans would certainly be able to live normal lives. The fact being that the only difference between them and a regular human is the sequence of their genetic code. Another supplementary argument can be made on the topic of medical advancements made possible through the cloning process, mankind will be provided with organs and cells with which human’s lives will be saved. If a person needs an organ transplant the normal means of transplantation would involve the removal of an organ from anoth er person. This organ could be rejected and many complications could arise, often with deadly repercussions. Human cloning would involve using the person’s own cells that could be cloned to produce a healthy, normal organ for use in the person. Through this process, there would be noShow MoreRelatedPersuasive Essay On Cloning1445 Words   |  6 Pagesstart to gain from it? Cloning procedures on plants and animals have been performed since the 1800’s. However, it just recently gained awareness in the 1990’s when Dolly the Sheep was cloned. Cloning is definitely a big advance in science; nonetheless, it can also be a very controversial subject. Cloning is a good thing as long as it is done with the wellbeing of the animals in mind or if it is being done on plants, as it is a breakthrough for science. Some forms of cloning can be a positive medicalRead MorePersuasive Essay On Cloning1028 Words   |  5 Pagespurposes it helps cure infertility, it can help gay families have kids of their own, It also gives back pets that people have lost before. Cloning is a life changing situation that benefits for the greater. Meanwhile, many people are born or become infertile due to an accident they could have had, these people are constantly being judged by everyone else, but now cloning can help them be a parent. They say things that hurt their self esteem they are made to feel like they are made to feel like they areRead MorePersuasive Essay On Human Cloning1106 Words   |  5 Pagestime and death. With the strong development of science, humanity has found an amazing solution to this puzzle: cloning, the â€Å"aggregate of genetically identical cells or organisms asexually produced by or from a single progenitor cell or organism.† (â€Å"Clone,† n.d.) Whether or not human beings should be cloned is a controversial issue around the world. In my opinion, the research on human cloning should be a priority because of its incredible benefits in advancing the process of human evolution, an opportunityRead MorePersuasive Essay On Cloning Humans793 Words   |  4 Pagespeople have the intuit ive sense that there is something immoral and wrong about the cloning of humans. I believe that it is an inhumane violation of the natural order of nature to clone humans, and our society will not benefit if research on this topic is continued. Scientists should be focusing their research on more important issues, like curing cancer or mass purifying water in third world countries. By cloning human beings, we would be viewing children, and people in general, as objects thatRead MoreWriting Is The Act And Process Of Expressing Feelings And Information915 Words   |  4 PagesMy definition of writing is the act and process of expressing feelings and information through different forms of texts such as an essay or a book for entertainment, conveying information, etc. I made this definition because I feel that it represents writing in my life the best. In my life, I mainly write to present information that I have found on a topic for my class in school. Your not only expressing y our feelings on the topic, but other’s that you have researched about the topic’s feelingsRead MoreFree Papers992 Words   |  4 PagesIf you are looking for free academic papers such as free essays, free term papers, free research papers, free dissertations, free book reports/book reviews, free essays, free speeches, there exists a chance of being accused of plagiarism. Free papers downloaded from essay databases and essay sites can be easily detected by plagiarism detection systems and sofwares. You can find a lot of resources and sites with databases of free sample papers and free example papers on any topic. You can use theseRead MoreFree Papers1007 Words   |  5 PagesIf you are looking for free academic papers such as free essays, free term papers, free research papers, free dissertations, free book reports/book reviews, free essays, free speeches, there exists a chance of being accused of plagiarism. Free papers downloaded from essay databases and essay sites can be easily detected by plagiarism detection systems and sofwares. You can find a lot of resources and sites with databases of free sample papers and free example papers on any topic. You can use theseRead MoreAnimal Cloning Should Be Banned1977 Words   |  8 Pagesaudience analysis survey. Talk about how I am against animal cloning, and how I wrote a persuasive essay on human cloning last year, and that the topic of animal cloning interested me, considering animal cloning has been done before. I will be talking about how animal cloning is unethical, goes against animal welfare, is only legal, because of a flawed FDA report, and lastly the risks, technically outweigh the benefits. Thesis: Animal cloning should be banned because, it is unethical, harms animal welfareRead MorePersuasive Essay : Stem Cell Research1489 Words   |  6 PagesPersuasive Essay Stem Cell research and its funding have caused a lot of controversy throughout the past years. Stem cells are cells that are present in all living organisms. These cells have the potential to grow into any type of cell, including blood cells, nerves, muscles, and pancreatic cells. Stem cell research is essential because of the beneficial aspects it has to offer. Stem cells could potentially treat conditions such as Alzheimer s, Parkinson s, birth defects, strokes, Diabetes, cancerRead MoreFather: Causality and Persuasive Speech8283 Words   |  34 Pagescan have high credibility for one audience and low credibility for another audience. 13. T F Establishing common ground with an audience is especially important in the conclusion of a persuasive speech. 14. T F Establishing common ground with an audience is especially important in the introduction of a persuasive speech. 15. T F A speaker’s credibility is affected by everything she or he says and does during the speech. 16. T F Research shows that a speaker’s credibility is strongly affected

Heavy Metals Pollution in Copsa Mica free essay sample

Coops Mica is a company concerned with the extraction mainly of zinc and lead from the mining concentrates, but also of other existing metals, such as cadmium, bismuth, antimony, copper, gold and silver. [pick] Coops Mica area stretches for a lengthwise of about 30 km from E to W and for a breadth of about 15 km on the N S direction. Because is situated through the length of Tartans Mare River the transportation of pollutants in the area is favored by the existing air currents. In order to determine the pollution degree of this area, soil samples have been collected from some localities situated along the Tartans MareRiver, upstream and downstream from Coops Mica industrial area. Ere level of pollution in Coops Mica is one of the major environmental problem and risk for the health of the population in Romania. It is well known that in some concentrations, most of the metals are essential to life, but in excess, those same metals could be dangerous. Similarly the prolonged exposure to high concentrations of heavy metals can affect peoples health and can have severe effects in the long term. The heavy metals that pose greatest risk to health are lead (BP), arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd) and mercury (Hag).Heavy metals were largely used in industry starting the Sixth century, thus being present in the environment nowadays. Sources of heavy metals include: emissions from industries that use solid fuels, especially charcoals, smelters and other industries (BP, Cd and As), incinerators (Hag and Cd), mining lucrative facilities, pesticides industries and wood preservatives (As and Cry), fertilizers for soils (Cd for example can be found in phosphate based fertilizers), old house water supply systems (BP) and old house paintings (BP). Ere heavy metals can appear in the environment because of natural processes.As an example, in some parts of the USA, natural sediment of As suffered geological processes and as a result, the underground water layer was contaminated with the potential risk for contaminating also the drinking water supply [12]. Once released in the environment, the heavy metals have the potential to remain in the environment for decades or even centuries thus elevating the risk for human exposure. People are potentially at risk for intoxication throughout contact with contaminated soils and industrial discards or contaminated food.Food sources such as vegetables,cereals, ruts, fish and shell-fish could be contaminated with heavy metals from soil and Neater. The present paper deals with Just a small part of an much larger study conducted by the Environmental Health Center in Coops Mica with the specified goal of evaluating the risk of exposure to high heavy metals concentrations. This paper is summary of the aspects linked to the heavy metals concentration in the dump area inside Somerset Coops Mica factory, the lab method used for the evaluation of the distribution of those heavy metals and some health related data in a selected 2.METHODS Soil samples were taken from the 30 CM depth of the dump inside the SC SOMERSET and from drilling inside the perimeter of the same factory in April-May 2004 time interval. The [samples were collected in polyethylene bags, free of metals. The samples were labeled, sealed and transported to the lab were they were processed for X ray fluorescence technique (K-X-ray Fluorescence 720 SSL, made by Into in 2002). The data entry was done using Microsoft Excel 5. 0. Database was then imported in Stats 5. 0 using Stats-Transfer module. The statistical analysis was performed using Stats 5. . Summary descriptive statistics and more advanced quenches were performed. Central tendency measurements (mean and median, frequency), measures of the variability of the data (interval, minim, maxim values, percentiles, standard deviation, variance, Keenness and Kurtosis coefficients). A sample of 43 children age between 4 and 6 exposed to lead was studied. Exposure bombardiers (blood lead level) and effect markers (weight height status) were measured. Blood lead level was measured using anode stripped volt metric techniques using Lead Care System.The difference between the two locations in terms of concentrations of heavy metals in soil is not statistically significant related to any on the metals, nevertheless in case of manganese and molybdenum the difference of concentration between the Nasty dump and the premises (their concentration being higher in the waste dump 5794. 39 pimp compared to 1950. 24 pimp in the premises in case of manganese and especially 30. 82 pimp compared to 1. 7 pimp in the premises in case of molybdenum) being statistically significant (in case of manganese p=O. 057 and in case of molybdenum p=O. OHO). 3.The comparative statistical analysis using the t statistic test of average values of concentrations of metals in soil collected from the premises from different depths indicate the fact that generally the concentrations of metals in soil decrease with the increase of depth excepting copper, chrome, mercury, selenium and manganese. 4. Ere comparative statistical analysis using the t statistic test of average values of incinerations of metals in soil and sediment in the premises indicate the fact that metals are in concentrations statistically significant higher in soil than in the sediment excepting manganese (2109. 2 in sediment compared to 1950. 24 in soil) but the difference is not statistically significant. 5. The more important contribution was emphasized for lead (statistically significant) for the digestive contribution from dust from the hands. 5. The factors to be taken into consideration regarding evaluation of predictable effects in public health are the following: distribution of exposure of population ropes at risk), relationship exposure-response (variation of response, susceptible groups), risk accumulation (geographic accumulation of risk factors). T is required to research more on the relations between the environment and diseases and this can only be done by working in teams. It is a continuum process that must be improved at the national level with the main goal of more precise understanding of the measures and policies that need to be implemented in the vast domain of the environmental health. There are three aspects that need to be considered: Integration of the environment and health fields into macroeconomic policies Cost infinite analysis Primary care for the environmental health. Robbers related to the inclusion of the environmental health field in the investment decisions and programs and their implementat ion. One aspect requires an attentive and correct aberration: the identification and the evaluation of the risk areas for health and the environment that exist in Romania, followed by the proposal of adequate programs for reducing and controlling the risk sources. Ere ongoing environmental disaster of 9/1 1 (pick] Ere attacks of September the 1 lath, 2001, on the World Trade Centre in New York have had global implications. The impact of the attacks has manifested itself as the ongoing war against terrorism. The Global impact of 9/1 1 though, has, to some extent, hidden the very real local impact of the attacks. Today many people will be offering up reflections on the tragedy of September 1 1, 2001. This act of violence, Inch shook Americans to their very core and cast doubt on a Presidential administration, one that would eventually prove to be less than capable at handling national tragedies, sent shock waves through our world.Today many people will write about the way that 9/1 1 affected human rights and the reveille of privacy, created an unjustified war that we are still trying to find our way out of, and cost the lives of countless rescue personnel who will always be remembered as heroes. Few will choose to focus on the negative impact of these terrorist attacks on the environment, because it is not nearly as visible an effect. When the Twin Towers Newer so viciously and unexpectedly attacked on S eptember 1 1 the, all of lower Manhattan was enveloped in toxic dust clouds rising almost 1000 feet into the air. Hanks to drifting winds at the time of the attack, these dust clouds slowly moved out, choking the inhabitants Brooklyn and Staten Island, slowly depositing an unknown cocktail of gases and airborne particulates all over everything. In the days and weeks following the attack the Environmental Protection Agency gave assurances to New Yorkers that the dust permeating Lower Manhattan and the smoke still emanating from Ground Zero did not pose a health risk. The agency issued five press releases within ten days of the attack assuring people that the air Nas safe to breathe, despite an absence of data to support such assurances.In August of 2003, it was revealed that the EPA had been muzzled by the Bush administration. EPA Inspector General Nikkei Tinsels issued a report on August 21, 2003, admitting that the reassurances were unfounded, and that the public statements of the agency were being influenced by the National Security Council, under the direction of the White House. The EPA, ac cording to the report, had been influenced to add reassuring statements and delete cautionary ones (from 31 1 research. Watch. Net). Months and even years after the attacks confirmed lingering levels of asbestos as Nell as unknown toxic substances. In his attempt to remain the triumphant leader of the city, then Mayor Rudy Giuliani seized control of the cleanup of Ground Zero, taking control away from established federal agencies, such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, according to a May 14, 2007 New York Times article, titled Ground Zero Illness Clouding Giuliani Legacy. Now,try for a moment to convert those crumbling towers into their constituent parts hundreds of tons of asbestos were pulverize and released into the air; tens of thousands of fluorescent lightships were smashed, each containing mercury; 50,000 amputees ,each of which contained four to twelve pounds of lead, were destroyed; as were smoke detectors containing americium 241. In addition, there were record levels of dioxin, Pubs [Polycarbonate Phenyl ], and other contaminants released as the rubble of the WET continued to burn, over several months. DRP.Marjorie Clarke, an environmental scientist from Hunter College at the City University of New York, reported to a NY City Council hearing that the destruction of a total of seven buildings in the attacks produced uncontrolled emissions equivalent to dozens of asbestos factories, incinerators and crematoria as well as a volcano. A visual clue to the environmental disaster is provided by the accompanying photo, taken by NASA from a height of 250 miles the dark plume shown in the photo represent more than the destruction of the buildings, but also a real and ongoing threat to the health of citizens of New York.In the days following the attack a number of reassuring press statements were released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the federal body responsible for monitoring air and water quality, including the September 18th statement by EPA Administrator Christie Whitman in which she said: Given the scope f the tragedy from last week, I am glad to reassure the people of New York and Instigation, D. C. That their air is safe to breath and their water is safe to drink.Two Hears later, in August 2003, the Peas Inspector General produced a report that confirmed what many people had suspected that information coming from the EPA had first been given a reassuring spin in conjunction with the white hous e council on environmental quality, and that these reassurances were not based on scientific fact. Ere desire to get Wall Street and financial markets reopened quickly played a part in downplaying public health risks.Jean Origin, of the World Trade Center Environmental Organization, and one of twelve current plaintiffs in a potential class action law suit against the EPA, lives in Brooklyn, and was suspicious from the start about the reassuring statements. The air smelled awful. The fires burned or smoldered for over three months, the different temperatures resulting in the release of different toxic substances. For a while the air had the alkalinity of drain cleaner. I didnt trust the official story and didnt want my son going back to school in impossible to find data with which to make a case to my son and ex-husband. TheNew York Environmental Law and Justice Project as well as some scientists and members of the public told the truth at City Council or State Assembly hearings, but because the government officials insisted on testifying first, the more truthful testimony didnt come out until after the press had left. It took a full three months before Origin had amassed enough data, as a private citizen, to convince both her son and ex-husband that the former should stay away from his school. Three months during which the fires continued to burn, releasing different toxins into the air. The air that ordinary citizens, like her son, were breathing.Several weeks after the disaster Origin continues a mile north of Ground Zero, DRP. Thomas Cahill of the University of California at Davis found very- and ultra-fine particulates that were the highest hed ever seen in the course of taking 7000 samples around the world, including at the burning Kuwaiti oil fields. The EPA itself found record levels of dioxin several months after the disaster. [pick] Ere World Trade Center Environmental Organization, of which Origin is a member, are not alone in campaigning for a more comprehensive response to the environmental threats posed by 9/1 1 .A number of groups such as the world trade center residents coalition, 9/1 1 environmental action and the New York committee on occupational safety and health have been working tirelessly (in many cases without recompense) to highlight the issue, and to force the Government to address the problems caused by the attacks. Immediately after the August 2003 Inspector Generals report, Maintain was quoted as saying when people are really upset, you cant win. Youve got to say something, and what we communicated was what we knew.There may be long-term health implications we never could have conceived of, but we couldnt stop ND stay, We cant tell you for 10 years. That absolutely wouldnt work. Origin is scathing in her response: It is not that when people are really upset, you cant win. Its that when people lie, you cant win. From day one, EPA has hidden behind the faux innocent mask of, What do you expect us to do? This was unprecedented. This Nas not the first environmental disaster they ever had to cope with. They are in the business of coping with environmental disasters and have procedures and precedents for doing so, all of which they violated in their response to 9/1 1 . The residents would have entailed expense so they reinvented the wheel as a triangle. But even taking Ms. Whitman quote at face value: If they couldnt tell us for ten Hears then they should have said that. Instead they took it upon themselves to assure people it was safe. As testing went ahead in the days after 9/1 1 EPA scientists themselves were amongst those surprised by Whitman statements.Robert Martin, the EPA ombudsman, who would later have his office closed by Whitman, recalled in an interview with Journalist Laura Flanders that it was not safe. You cant have good science without good facts. DRP Cat Jenkins, a hazardous waste expert at the EPA, criticized the statements made by Whitman office about asbestos levels, which claimed that the levels found were slightly above the 1% trigger, though for every fiber of asbestos EPA found, using outdated testing equipment, independent testers found nine.Now, four years later, there is still argument within the scientific community about the environmental impact of the WET attacks on public health. New York University, have suggested that, broadly speaking, the Peas assurances have been borne out. Thornton in an interview with Chemical and Engineering News in 2003, was quoted as saying that by October 2001 at sites five blocks away from Ground Zero, the air was really like other parts of the city. It was, thankfully, abbreviated exposures that people got to this plume [of debris from the WET] -when they did get it.Thornton did point out though, in a statement to the Committee on Envi ronment and Public Works of the US Senate, that it is impossible to know what potential interactive effects might have occurred among the various pollutants, even at these low levels. Other scientists, such as DRP Marjorie Clark, have argued desirously against the Peas findings, and suggest that the bungled clean up operation still poses a significant public health threat. [pick] As well as finding fault in the premature reassurances issued by the EPA, Jean Origin and various citizens groups are highly critical of the actual clean up operation post-WI 1 .Amongst the key complaints are that it covered a far too limited and arbitrarily determined area (for example, Brooklyn, where Origin lives, and where air borne debris drifted has not had adequate testing measures, let alone clean up), and accused primarily on asbestos despite the fact that independent testing had shown the presence of a variety of other contaminants. At the same time, the execution of the tests used by the EPA was, according to Origin, substandard (some residents observed that EPA failed to turn on a fan, for instance, though required, or that they placed it facing the wrong direction).Ventilati on systems were largely overlooked, though independent testing had suggested that these systems posed a significant risk. By precedent the EPA should have warned people that soft furnishings such as repeat and sofas could never be adequately cleaned and should thus be thrown out in the case of the 9/1 1 clean up this information was not given. The most important criticism though was the terms in which the clean up was described, says Origin: They couched the cleanup in terms of, If youre concerned, well come clean your apartment out of the goodness of our hearts. However since their flier explicitly told people that EPA did NOT expect long term health consequences from whatever might still be in their apartments, about 80% of the people to whom the testing program Nas offered decided not to bother. The EPA commissioned a report, The Lessons Learned in the Aftermath of September 1 1, 2001, but to citizens like Origin the report means little: What theyve really learned is the art of lying and sacrificing their own citizens when its to their advantage.To be more specific: prior to 9/1 1, when the EPA cleaned up a disaster in a populated area, they aimed for a 1/1,000,000 extra cancer risk per contaminant. In the case of Lower Manhattan, they decided we could be exposed to a hundred times that cancer risk per contaminant, and unlike most environmental disasters, this one had hundreds of contaminants whose synergistic effect could be explosive.So what the Federal Government has learned is that when an area is economically important, the bottom lin e trumps public health. One could be forgiven for thinking that these problems are a thing of the past. In reality, no-one knows yet what effect the fallout from 9/1 1 will have on public health. At the same time, the clean up is far from finished. Several contaminated buildings in Manhattan are scheduled for demolition currently, while, as Origin points out, the precedent of

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Salvador Dali Essays (825 words) - Salvador Dal,

Salvador Dali Salvador Dali, was born Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech on Monday, 11 May 1904, in the small Spanish town of Figueres, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, approximately sixteen miles from the French border in a region known as Catalonia. His parents supported his talent and built him his first studio while he was still a child in their summer home at Cadaques. Dali went on to attend the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, Spain. He was married to Gala Eluard in 1934 and died on 23 January 1989 in a hospital in Figueres (Etherington-Smith, 12). Dali never limited himself to one style or particular medium. Beginning with his early impressionistic works, greatest inspiration. Surrealism emerged from what was left of Dada (a European movement categorized by its irrationality and lack of traditional values, sometimes referred to as nihilistic) in the mid 1920s and unlike Dada, Surrealism held a promising and more positive view of art and because of this it won many converts. Surrealism actually got its beginnings as a literary, not artistic, trend in Parisian publications (Stangos, 122). What Surrealism and Dadaism held in common was their belief in the importance of the unconscious mind and its manifestations, as was stressed by Freud. They both believed that through the unconscious mind a plethora of artistic imagery would be unveiled. Both of these , called automatism. The Surrealists also wanted to answer the question how shall I be free? and to express thought without any concepts other than the question itself. They believed that automatism would reveal the true and individual nature of anyone who practiced it, far more completely than could any of hi s conscious creations. For automatism was the most perfect means for reaching laid his foundation for his own Surrealistic art in his youth through his critical paranoia method. This contribution of his was an alternate manner in which to view or perceive reality. It was no new concept; it could be traced back to Leonardo da Vinci and his practice of staring at stains on walls, clouds, streams, etc. and seeing different figures in them (Stangos, 138). Anyone who looks at a cloud and sees something other than just a cloud uses this technique. Dali however gave this method a different twist. Dali linked his paranoiac-critical method, the ability to look at any object and see another, with paranoia, which was characterized then by chronic delusions and hallucinations. Dali himself was not paranoid but was able to place himself in paranoid states. In one of his more famous statements he said, The only difference between myself and a madman is that I am not mad. He was able to look at reality and dream of new ideas and paint them, which he called his hand-painted dream photographs. (The Persistence of Memory, 163) Through his paranoiac-critical method, Dali was able to look at everyday objects and attach a subjective meaning based on his obsessions, phobias and conflicts. The result was a new, imaginative visual presentation of reality. By the forties, however, Dali began his move from Surrealism into what he called his sculptures of the Venus de Milo found throughout the work and the face of his wife floating in the upper , another recurring theme is the dog found beneath the veil that is formed by the surface of the lake. This painting is full of double images, the sculptures becoming the toreador, the dog in the lake, the blood on the bulls back becoming the flies, and the rock face serving as the banderillas that pierced the bull. This work is full of Dali and he himself referred to it as All Dali in one Painting. Another work I wish to speak of is an earlier one, which was mentioned previously, The Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire. This painting, similar to The Hallucinogenic Toreador, displays a variety of double images. His same kind of phenomena. It appears empty now; the pear that was in the bowl is now a part of the mountain in the horizon in the background. Again, this work proves how powerful the hallucinatory force is. Dalis paranoiac-critical method proves to be very effective but it also

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Analysis of The Falling Man

Analysis of The Falling Man Reader Impact From the beginning of the article, the reader is already gripped by the strong image of the â€Å"falling man†. It is as if it has the power to hypnotize due to its bizarre subject. Junod (2009) writes, â€Å"In the picture, he departs from this earth like an arrow. Although he has not chosen his fate, he appears to have, in his last instants of life, embraced it.† It makes the reader think deeply if this statement is true basing it from the way the picture is depicted. It is a dramatic, graphic, engrossing start of a long but read-worthy article.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis of â€Å"The Falling Man† specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Reader Interest Junod makes the reader read on with the information he baits with. He intersperses the information with dramatic flair of description. On the people’s reaction to the bombing, he writes, â€Å"They began jumping not l ong after the first plane hit the North Tower, not long after the fire started. They kept jumping until the tower fell. They jumped through windows already broken and then, later, through windows they broke themselves. They jumped to escape the smoke and the fire; they jumped when the ceilings fell and the floors collapsed; they jumped just to breathe once more before they died. They jumped continually, from all four sides of the building, and from all floors above and around the buildings fatal wound.† From this, the reader can get the feeling of panic and chaos and it is as if he is brought to that exact time that the writer describes. Emotion and Fact The article is dripping with both emotion and fact. Junod writes objectively how people felt but his words are easily translated to emotions that the reader feels. â€Å"Americans responding to the worst terrorist attack in the history of the world with acts of heroism, with acts of sacrifice, with acts of generosity, with ac ts of martyrdom, and, by terrible necessity, with one prolonged act of if these words can be applied to mass murder mass suicide.† Mood and Atmosphere The mood and atmosphere of the article was morose, very dark and hinting of helplessness. The characters in the story seemed to be numb and preferred it that way instead of wallow in the pain of the situation. Junod writes,Advertising Looking for essay on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More â€Å"In a nation of voyeurs, the desire to face the most disturbing aspects of our most disturbing day was somehow ascribed to voyeurism, as though the jumpers experience, instead of being central to the horror, was tangential to it, a sideshow best forgotten.† It sums up the sentiments of the author as he struggled to defend the point of view of the photographer of the picture and the strong reactions of the people to the picture that they would rather s ilence. Thematic Unity The theme of the article was unified by the photograph of the falling man which branched out to several stories surrounding it the story of the photographer who took the picture, the story of the family of the falling man, and the story of the search for the falling man who was for a long period of time unidentified. All the subplots of the story was unified by the theme of the falling man and what he stood for. Junod writes it as such: â€Å"In truth, however, the Falling Man fell with neither the precision of an arrow nor the grace of an Olympic diver. He fell like everyone else, like all the other jumpers trying to hold on to the life he was leaving, which is to say that he fell desperately, inelegantly.† This message goes for all the subplots. Structure The length of the article was justified by the richness of the information and the stories that were organized in a logical manner. Everything revolved around the theme and the resolution of the sto ry was thus: â€Å" the Falling Man became the Unknown Soldier in a war whose end we have not yet seen†.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis of â€Å"The Falling Man† specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Junod was successful in opening the story to grasp the attention of his readers and sustained this throughout the body, engaging his readers to empathize and sympathize with the characters he has brought to life. His ending was as strong, as readers are constrained to accept that the main reflection for the story of the falling man is the readers themselves. Story-telling Techniques Although this was a journalist’s article that should be packed with information that is news-worthy, Junod was able to give life to his characters. He told the story of the falling man so well that it branched out to subplots so like a literary masterpiece. The article vacillates between reality and his own subject ive interpretation based on the characters’ opinions and expressed feelings. He is able to create anticipation for the climax and sustains the interest way up to the resolution. Along the way, he keeps on feeding more information to his readers, and they end up more knowledgeable about the falling man after they read the article. Reader â€Å"Experiences† the Story Filled with human drama, the article depicts every emotion possible in such a tragic situation of the 9-11 terrorist attack and the choices the dying made in their final hours. Junod appeals to the senses and emotions of his readers in choosing the appropriate words to describe their feelings. One example is this: â€Å"The Hernandezes looked at the decision to jump as a betrayal of love as something Norberto was being accused of. The woman in Connecticut looks at the decision to jump as a loss of hope as an absence that we, the living, now have to live with.† Junod voices out what the characters ne eded to express but may be unable to. Outstanding Reporting Junod’s reporting skills were impeccable. His research was detailed and thorough. He was able to name names and attributed appropriate emotions to the stories of the characters and came up with a well-woven story balancing objective facts with subjective opinions and emotions gathered from various people.Advertising Looking for essay on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In all this, Junod has kept his stance as an objective reporter leaving the judgment to his readers of whether what he wrote was fact or fiction. However, credible as he is as a journalist, most of his readers are bound to agree with that what he wrote was all true. Context of the Story This is one of the multitude of stories borne out of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. One photograph painted a thousand other stories and Junod tried to capture those stories and revolved it around the photograph of the falling man. Style and Language Junod’s style and language was a wonderful blend of simple and complicated. He quoted the words of his characters and inserted some other words to interpret their actions to add depth to what was said. He writes: â€Å"Jonathan Brileys father is a preacher, a man who has devoted his whole life to serving the Lord. After September 11, he gathered his family together to ask God to tell him where his son was. No: He demanded it. He used these words: Lor d, I demand to know where my son is. For three hours straight, he prayed in his deep voice, until he spent the grace he had accumulated over a lifetime in the insistence of his appeal.† He could have simply written that the preacher prayed that his son be found but Junod found another way to use words effectively to depict the actual emotions felt by the characters and the emotions that must be understood and empathized with by the readers. Tone Junod shared the sentiments of the people affected by the bombings. As a journalist, he tried to keep his tone neutral, but it seemed more effective to take on the prevailing feelings of despair, confusion, hopelessness and regret to put his message across. In general, the article’s tone was that of a news report but somehow, Junod managed to insert his literary prowess and incorporated drama and lyrical language that soothed the readers consuming his lengthy article. Source: Junod, T. (2009) The Falling Man, Retrieved from http s://

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Commercial law Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Commercial law - Case Study Example States and the UK are different, and nowhere is this more exemplified than by the respective responses by these two Government following major incidents of corporate fraud. This Case review compares some of the differences between the corporate environments operating in each of these jurisdictions, and explains how they may have contributed to such divergent responses. One can characterise these responses as legislative and/or regulatory. Legislative responses refer to legal changes that are made, which force businesses to change their practice if they are to remain compliant. In this instance, legislation is an externally enforced means of changing corporate behaviour. Regulations on the other hand can be externally or internally generated, and can promote a desired change of behaviour through legislature or through Codes of practice developed by industry bodies such as the group representing licensed auditors. Whether the regulations are internally or externally generated, one important aspect in which they differ from legislative regimes is the higher degree of importance placed on monitoring of entities within regulatory regimes. Legislative regimes primarily depend on the sanctions to foster compliance. Immediately, following the corporate governance crisis that occurred in the United States in 2002, the federal government implemented far reaching legislature, to protect investors from such levels of corporate fraud. On the other hand, when the U.K experienced a similar crisis in its corporate governance system in 1991, the response was much different. What followed was over a decade of Commission reviews which each provided best Codes of Practices for agents within the corporate governance regime. Eventually legislature on corporate fraud was only enacted in the Fraud Act of 2006. The analysis in this review points to some of the reasons that these government undertook such different responses. Firstly, prior to the crises, there was significant